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Seems crazy, but at the same point I know how the men are here with women. I lived in Egypt for a year back in and I miss it so much. Did you happen to drive by Agouza? A year in travel and life: My roller coaster ride. Hey Maria, yeah I was here for the one year anniversary and it was beautiful. Love your story. I plan to visit Cairo next week.

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I live in El Gouna down south a few hours. Would love it if you could share your favorite spots in Cairo. All the best. Naomi recently posted.. Thanks Naomi, he is doing great… we are doing great!!! Yes Egypt is very male oriented country, but can still be enjoyed by a women. My email is breakawaybackpacker gmail. Jaime, I love stories of romance when traveling! Zach P. I found your blog because I was doing a bit of research for our upcoming Nile Cruise: Hi Zach, wow thanks for the comment.

Good luck with the gay nile cruise… that just sounds amazing.

Hi Jaime, We posted your article to our facebook, you can like us here: I hope our readers will come check out your site and read more about your adventures! We actually run quite a few tours to gorgeous locations like Israel, Morocco, South Africa, and Colombia; places not typically thought of as gay friendly. We should all get to see the world and be comfortable being gay while we travel! Thank you so much for sharing that story means a lot to me and I hope it inspires other to realize it is safe to be gay and travel the world.

Well as an Egyptian I can tell this is a chance you may not have in a lifetime in Egypt. A part of me thinks I will be back. And yes you are quite lucky to have had such a beautiful experience on your first day…all from asking for an extra blanket. Thanks so much Mo. I had such an amazing experience in Egypt.

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Now we are dealing with heart break. I hope you are safe and that you are happy in life!!!

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If you ever need anything let me know. Egypt definitely is the land of ironies and contradictions. It has so much to offer yet its fortunes are very picky on whom it looks. While you love this country very much and were dazzled by it, many Egyptians have a deep longing to leave this country and its frustrations, and I gave up trying to figure Egypt out all together and just make the best. Your experience was perhaps the most genuine possible and I thank you for sharing it and changing my perception of my own folk. Mo I agree with every thing you said about Egypt that is all true.

Oh James… the hostel I stayed at was actually on Talaat Harb street. I remember every moment I spent with him during my time in Cairo. We still talk every day and are trying to figure things out. I am happy to know though that the guy you had an encounter similar to mine was not my man jajaj. Thanks to me he got fired from his job… very long story. How long were you in Egypt for?

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Where else did you go? Ahh I so wanna go back. Yes James, sadly he did but that is a whole other story as well that would only share in person and not on here. Oh no James, you can ask me anything. Read your blog. I came to it because of your passport post. So good to read about your experiences in Egypt.

Arrested, hunted down like animals - the gay community living in fear in Cairo

I want to go one day as well. Your post has kept me thinking about what happened to the lad you met there. Maybe you will go back again and find your love. Hi Odzer, thanks for the comment. I am happy you enjoyed my experience in Egypt. As for what happened to him… I still talk to him just about every day and miss him so much. I do know I miss him though. Few things are more exciting than a holiday romance, although they often lead to heartbreak.

Good on you for taking advantage of it though, no point in passing up spending time with someone great for fear of what it will feel when you leave. Claus Gurumeta recently posted.. Thanks Free Porn Services recently posted.. Free Porn Services. Facebook 0. Twitter 0.

Pinterest 0. Comments Aaron Aaron's Worldwide Adventures says: January 26, at 1: Jaime says: January 26, at 4: Thanks Aaron… it was very nice and yes very local indeed. Val says: January 26, at 2: Giulia says: January 26, at 3: Brock - Backpack With Brock says: January 26, at 7: Jorge says: January 26, at LMAO Good for you. Pinche Jorge you would laugh… but yes good for me… about time! Harrison says: Heather says: Sarah says: Looks like Cairo will be quite memorable for you! Sarah yes it will for sure.

I hope to write more about it soon. Susana says: January 27, at 7: January 27, at 9: Sorry I get so excited when a friend from home comments!!! January 27, at Syrah says: January 27, at 3: A date with a local is the absolute ideal way to explore a city! Simply wonderful. Sexuality will not be raised or questioned unless your friends bring it up themselves ok, someone might ask whether they are married or how many wives they have, but those are just conversation pieces more than actual questioning.

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If people are ok letting others keep their basic assumptions without giving them reason to think otherwise, then they would be fine. If, on the other hand, your friends are not comfortable with the basic level of intolerance, or are going to be worried about this the whole trip, or want to travel to a place where they don't need to play along, for lack of a better phrase, then Egypt is probably not the best choice. All true. Just use common sense. Many gays i have met just said they were related. My impression is that if you don't force people to acknowledge your sexuality they will mostly politely overlook the whole question. In a country which treats women as they do, I presume a lot of sexual behaviour is politely overlooked. Single sex groups are the norm in Egypt anyway. If you are not comfortable with that then don't go. Having said that, it's possible you will encounter the odd person who is hostile, but that may be no different from anywhere else. Opinionated or Not as others have stated Egypt is a Muslim Country si with respect i would suggest they tone it down a little instead of bragging and being open with it. Not a good thing to go gung ho!

Obviously religion varies around the world but remember it's a Muslim country your a visitor and respect their views and culture. If your friends can not tone it down then i would advise against travel. Although a group of males would be as welcome as the next group of males and seen as tourists. If they can manage to not touch each other or show affection in public then no issues at all.

If they can not do this then yes it may cause them some troubles. I would think that these remarks apply in the rest of tourist Egypt but narrower thinking may apply. One should also be aware that, even in Luxor, gays have at times been singled out for honey traps, robberies and petty thefts. Egypt isn't Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Just act 'normal', everything will be fine. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.