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Redheads have grown up defending themselves. In a sea of brown, blonde and black, spotting a redhead in a crowd is pretty easy to do. Lucky you! Alas, the truth is out there: Our carpet does indeed match the drapes. But in all honesty, can people please stop asking us this question? Freckles are yet another thing redheads are often teased for as kids. We hated them because they made us different. Like our skin, you have discovered that redheads are quite sensitive. This is a fact. We just know that they, like us, are redheads, and are therefore worthy of acknowledgment.

By Bobby Box. Your beach dates require a little more maintenance. What do you call a good looking man with a redhead? A hostage. How do gingers reach orgasm? All alone. What do you call a redhead with a blond on either side? An interpreter.

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Why was the first football pitch sketched out on a redhead's chest? They needed a level playing field. Why are redheads flat chested? It makes it easier to read their T- shirts Q: What do gingers miss most about a great party? The invitation. Ginger Kids? Being a Ginger Kid and having to go to school on November 10th, !

What do you call a redhead with large breasts? A mutant. What is the difference between a redhead and a computer? Redhead won't accept a three and a half inch Q: What's the difference between a redhead and a lawyer? There's some things even a lawyer won't do to people. How do you know when you've satisfied a redhead?

She unties you Q: When do you call a Ginger sexy? If she's a brunette named Ginger. Why don't gingers visit Pamplona, Spain in July? Running of the Bulls Q: What do you call a ginger at a party?

What do you call a ginger prostitute? Orange pay as you go Q: What happens when you take a redheads cookie? You get a Ginger Snap. What do you call an attractive male with a Ginger lady? What do extinct dinosaurs and Gingers have in common? Not enough Q: What do you get when you cross Raggedy Ann and the Pillsbury Doughboy?

A red headed bitch with a yeast infection. What's safer: The piranha. They only attack in schools. Why aren't there any more redhead jokes? Someone told them to a redhead.

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How do you get a redhead to argue with you? Say something like "I'm one of those males who love redheads What do you call a Redhead with an attitude? Normal Q: Why are gingers like guns? Keep one around long enough, and you re goin to want to shoot it. Why is it called the Virgin Islands? Only Gingers live there! Why did God invent colour blindness? So someone will fancy the ginger kids.

Next Door World Redhead James Jamesson Takes Buddy

What do you call a soldier with a smile on his face and a piece of red hair between his two front teeth? What's the difference between a dead possum on the road and a dead ginger? The possum was probably on its way to meet friends! What do you call a redhead who Masterbates more than twice a day?

Hey ginger, we love you.

A Terrorwrist Q: What kind of beds do Gingers sleep on? What do you call a Ginger in a Porn film?

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  4. Whats the difference between a terrorist and a ginger? You can negotiate with a terrorist! What's the best thing about being Ginger? You know you weren't adopted.

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    Why do gingers burn when they go out in the sun? Natural selection. What's the difference between a shoe and a ginger? A shoe has a soul. How do you know when a redhead has been using a computer? There's a hammer embedded in the monitor Q: What's the only thing redheads drink?

    Ginger Ale. How do Gingers do a high-five? How do you start an argument with a redhead? Say something. How do you know your adopted? When your the only ginger in the family. How does a ginger answer her phone on a Saturday night? Wrong number. What do you call a ginger kid eating a carrot?

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    Cannibalism Q: How do you cure a ginger? What do you call a ginger whose phone rings on a Saturday night? Did you hear about the dyslexic KKK member? He went around killing gingers. What's the differences between Micheal Jackson and a Ginger?

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    Micheal Jackson actually had sex Q: Wait 10 seconds I dumped my girlfriend after finding out how much she hated gingers. Not nearly enough I saved four gingers from drowning in a lake! I saved it as a JPEG.