Gays on facebook

Unfortunately the people of other breed continue to do it and everyone knows it but does nothing.

Here's a screenshot of original Ten Walls homophobic post. Though the Facebook posts no longer exist, Adomaitis has apologised for their "insulting content". On June 3, in what seems like a very quick change of tack, he wrote: I am really sorry about its insulting content which does not reflect my true opinion.

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I hope this misunderstanding will not provoke any more thoughts and opinions. Today, Fort Romeau has cancelled a forthcoming gig with Ten Walls. Creamfields and Pitch festival have also pulled the artist off their respective line-ups.

Jozi man reportedly says gays should be shot, Facebook sees no problem

A statement from Creamfields reads: One from Pitch says: It might be stating the obvious, but we'll say it here anyway: Here's why: Haha, Ten Walls deletes negative comments on Facebook now. Or, at least, that her target was "interested in women" on Facebook.

The cost of finding private information this way is "a few cents," according to the paper, and Korolova used the same technique to figure out a target's age and other sensitive stuff. The Times says Korolova notified Facebook of the problem in July and Facebook addressed the vulnerability by making it impossible to target less than 20 people with an ad.


But Korolova says in her paper that someone could simply create 20 fake profiles with the target's characteristics to work around the limitation. Good to know!

We've detected unusual activity from your computer network

We're planning on doing this to every maybe-gay celebrity in the world. Surely one of them has yet to realize that you shouldn't put anything on your Facebook profile that you don't want strangers to infer using micro-targeted ads.

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