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Oh yeah, and as a top, he gives one helluva ride… It was like an aerobics class without the spandex. I think i lost water weight that night.

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Look for some of his work soon on my yahoo groups site , along with uploads here on the blog. Got a chance to sit down and do dinner with all of them and enjoyed every second of playing catchup. A comfortable match of personalities indeed. Did she have a good time you ask?

She practically had to be carried off the stage…. He was also in attendance at HustlaBall later that week. The show was fast-paced, funny, touching and fantastic.

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A good crowd. Big thanks to former-escort Bobby Lane for making me feel welcome in Vegas and for carting my carless ass around. Weeks ago i asked for suggestions and nominations. You responded. I appreciate it and had quite a bit of email to sift through, names to know, faces to place and reviews to read. It was actually pretty fun, if not a bit educational. Take these highly non-regarded awards as seriously or as jokingly as you wish.

Top 5 Escorts of the Year: Brett Andrews Atlanta. Best Brothel: The Comeback-Kid Award: Top Escort personal Website: If any of the above mentioned escorts had functioning webpages, i made sure to link them with the name. Congrats to those winners!

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Kristian Elix of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Type: Recommended Match? Yes Hire again?

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Yes Lived up? Yes Where: His Website Which: I had a great time with Kristian, he put me at ease. He has a way of making you feel comfortable.

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He was right on time, not a clock watcher, everything was perfect. I will see him again. Other Which: Kristian is incredibly warm, attentive, smart and absolutely beautiful. His soft and sexy voice will put you at ease, and his eyes will melt away your insecurities. A rare sex appeal, and a wonderful soul I feel grateful to have met. Decent looking,v ery shy, need to lose some weight.

Evening Rate: Kristian means so much to me. For over 5 years now, I've been seeing him at least twice a month often more for a minimum of 5 hours each time, sometimes overnight, and, even, a week-end. He's a companion, a lover, a confessor, a friend. I'm writing this review because I believe that Kristian has an almost unlimited capacity to bring the joy I feel with him to others.

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I could get specific and talk about his prompt and excellent communication skills. But, then, I'd have to try to capture his ability to convey his interest in you as a person and not just in your business. I could write about his gorgeous physique and handsome face.

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But how could I leave out his thick, wavy hair, his sparkling eyes, his aquiline nose, his cleft chin, his great feet, sexy nipples, his rock solid masculine essence? Sexual prowess, quite large and fully functional organ, complete, genuine versatility? But what about his obvious enjoyment from the first touch to the last good-bye?

He listens.